The ebb and flow of meaning from the individual
interacting with society, and back again


MMMMM... Alone (of all her sex) is a temporary sculptural platform installed on Blindern Campus by artist Petrine Vinje. 11 poets, performers and artists are invited to contribute to an interdisciplinary publication and curated programme. 
The performances, talks and events are open to the public. 


The interdisciplinary conference The Power of Motifs (September 7–9 2017) at the University of Oslo aims to explore and discuss different perspectives related to the communication of motifs - from biological conditions to social and political consequences. Speakers include Marina Warner, Paul Binski, and Semir Zeki amongst others.


The Power of Motifs and MMMMM…Alone (of all her sex) is part of the research project Marian Words and Marian Images conducted by PhD Karoline Kjesrud. 

Artworks on this page by Petrine Vinje



The Power of Motifs Conference
September 7- 9, 2017

Opening conference September 7, 12 am
Lectures held at University of Oslo, Professorboligen and Kunstnernes Hus 

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public art project

MMMMM... Alone (of all her sex) 
September 7 - October 25, 2017

Opening September 7, 7 pm
Blindern Campus, next to Sophus Bugge`s house
University of Oslo

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Kindly supported by Research Council Norway, University of Oslo, Public Art Norway/ URO, Arts Council Norway, Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, Norwegian Artists Remuneration Fund

In collaboration with UiO, Museum of Cultural History
and Kunstnernes Hus Kino