«Work Notes» is an audio playlist with track notes, 30 minutes, by Prerna Bishnoi and Sindhu Thirumalaisamy (2017). Commissioned for MMMMM ... Alone (of all her sex) by Petrine Vinje

In Work Notes, we listen to the voices and words of Maryam Trine Skogen and Marion Rosen. They speak about their care work that can neither be fully contained in nor cast outside of their religious and political milieus. Rosen, a German refugee who settled in California, developed a technique of bodywork called Rosen Method. Skogen is a Rosen Method therapist, a Norwegian Muslim and a student of theology. Work Notes is synchronous with an emerging prayer space, Masjid al-Nisa, led by women and queer Muslims in Oslo, of which Skogen is a part.

The audio play was installed in the installation as part of the public programme and it was accessible for students and staff of the University in the Room for thought and belief on Blindern, Thursday 16.11.17 between 11.30AM-4.00PM. The curator was present for conversations about the piece and the art project in general.

Prerna Bishnoi and Sindhu Thirumalaisamy have been working together since 2010. Their collaboration has led to projects that are deeply engaged with Bangalore, the city they both grew up in. Through films, performances and writing, they playfully investigate hopes and anxieties linked to the city’s (re)development. Past projects include Composition for Temple Speakers (2014), The Curse (2012), Rhinos (2011), Kitchen Spectacle (2011), and The Dharmambudhi Tank Project (2011). Prerna Bishnoi is interested in the architecture of public or common spaces like shopping malls, metros, parks and playgrounds, the social, political and economic conditions established in these spaces and how they encourage a certain performativity – interaction and intra-action. She writes texts, makes films, performances and games, often in collaborations. Bishnoi completed her MA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU in 2017. Sindhu Thirumalaisamy is following the ways in which sound challenges scopic regimes, Sindhu’s work engages a poetics of uncontainability across different sites, cultures and borders. She regularly works with other artists and activists, acting as researcher, recordist, editor and performer. Sindhu is an MFA student at the University of California, San Diego.